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Spa Cap

In Search of the Perfect Swim Spa Cover and Hot Tub Cover

Why would you buy a different kind of hot tub cover than the one your spa came with?
Because Every traditional foam-filled hot tub cover is going to end up the same as the one you need to replace right now!
No matter how big the taper, no matter what the foam is wrapped in, no matter how it is reinforced, Every Foam Hot Tub Cover WILL end up saturated, heavy or broken. That is exactly the reason that we developed the SpaCap hot tub cover.
The SpaCap was developed by a single woman that needed to be able to get into her hot tub by herself for therapy after a severe back injury.

Our Story

In the late 1970s, we were basically a small canvas shop doing everything from boat upholstery to truck tarps. One of the products we manufactured was traditional rigid foam Hot Tub Covers. Because we wanted ours to be the best hot tub covers available, we tried several innovative techniques to make our spa covers last longer.

What we discovered is that no matter how you make them, the rigid foam hot tub covers are flawed technology: All rigid foam spa covers will always eventually become moisture saturated, heavy, and might even break or blow away.

The More Perfect Hot Tub Cover

In 1976, we developed and patented the next generation of hot tub covers. The new spa cover design was easy enough for a woman to get off and on by herself. The bottom of the cover rests on the water, so the weight of rain, snow, or hail won’t crush it. Since the water was what we want to keep warm, having the cover right on it is a big improvement. At the time, we would have been happy with an insulation value comparable to a traditional foam hot tub cover, so we began testing the new spa cover with that in mind. What we found was better than we expected. It insulated better than any other hot tub covers, no matter how thick.

Because our hot tub covers are designed to lay right on the water, it also virtually eliminates cooling due to evaporation and condensation, which is always present with typical rigid foam hot tub covers. This also reduced the amount of chemicals needed to keep the spa water clear. Typically steam from the warm spa water hits the bottom of a rigid foam spa cover which is colder. The steam cools, condenses back into the water, and drops back into the spa. The cooler condensed water cools down the spa water, which makes the hot tub work harder, which translates to more energy used to keep warm. Another benefit is that the insulation value of the air chambers is similar to storm windows, and the overall effect resulted in greater energy efficiency than foam spa covers. Without foam to get heavy or break, we found that our covers were typically lasting much longer than traditional hot tub covers. Most hot tub dealers expect that you will need to replace your cover every two years. Our hot tub covers were lasting an average of ten years, still insulating, still lightweight. If hot tub owners were really good at maintaining their chemicals, the cover would last fifteen to twenty years.
Armed with this information we tried to market the new spa cover through spa dealers, but they were reluctant to sell a product that doesn’t wear out when they could continue making money on other, cheaper, inferior hot tub covers that wear out and need replacing? The Internet has made it possible to take our new Hot Tub Covers, direct to consumers all over the world. You can shop online, buy direct from the factory, and, best of all, get exactly what you have been looking for custom made for your spa.
If you bought your spa for therapeutic reasons, you owe it to yourself to get a hot tub cover that won’t injure you. Contact us today and stop the hassle!

Made in the USA

All SpaCap Hot Tub Covers are made by hand to order here in the United States. Years ago, we were approached by representatives for a foreign company to see if we would be interested in having our hot tub covers made overseas. The low price made it a difficult decision.
But the bottom line was we would be shipping jobs overseas. Made in the USA is important to us. Our workers are part of our local community.
They add to our area with their personalities, friendship and character. I would hate to see them have to leave to find work elsewhere. They have a great attitude and care about putting out a product we can be proud of.

Most of our quality control comes from the fact that our workers know their job and want it done right. Yes, we could build our Hot Tub Covers overseas. But the spa covers would not be Custom made to order, it would be part of a one size fits all. If the price was all we worried about, then yes, we could build them out of lower-quality materials. Think of it this way, if there are roughly 10,000,000 spas in the USA and all were covered with rigid foam hot tub covers that needed to be replaced every two to three years, that would mean we would be adding a little over 2 million cubic yards of waste to landfills around the country just in saturated foam spa cover material. Heavy foam Hot Tub Covers are not a recycled product. If you have owned your spa for a while, you know what fun it can be getting rid of the old spa cover.
You can’t burn the foam it would harm the atmosphere. So if we build a spa cover that doesn’t use foam but instead uses air to insulate your spa water and insulated that spa water more efficiently, we would be saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Next Steps…

Before you go out and buy another traditional foam filled cover that you know is just going to end up like the one you need to replace now, Give us a call and let us build you a SpaCap Hot Tub Cover that will last longer, stay lightweight and easy to use for years to come. Contact Us