On a regular size hot tub it can be hard to manage, but on a Swim Spa it can be downright dangerous.

It’s not due to rain water or snow so a tapered cover isn’t going to make any difference. It’s because of the steam coming off the water in your swim spa or hot tub. It soaks into the foam and then condenses, the water molecules are bigger than steam and they get trapped in the foam. SLOWLY the hot tub cover gets heavier.

What’s worse is that on a swim spa, because of all the sections it typically happens to each section at different rates. You have to replace your cover or try to maneuver the heavy sections around so you can still use your spa. Eventually you can’t use your spa BECAUSE IT’S TOO MUCH OF A STRUGGLE.

That’s why SpaCap hot tub covers were invented, literally!

Compare the materials used on SpaCap Swim Spa Covers and Hot Tub Covers to those on a traditional foam filled hot tub covers.

Vinyl vs Sunbrella

Traditional foam filled hot tub covers have vinyl on the outside. The cheapest material available that still LOOKS like it might be quality ALL VINYL USED ON TRADITIONAL FOAM FILLED HOT TUB COVERS IS RATED BY HOURS OUTDOORS.

SpaCap hot tub covers are covered with Sunbrella Marine fabric, the best outdoor fabric on the planet, RATED BY YEARS OUTDOORS! We have seen Sunbrella still look like new after twelve years of constant exposure to the elements.

You will never get a rigid foam filled hot tub cover to last anywhere NEAR that long.

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