Hot Tub Cover Reviews

I bought your product almost 10 years ago and it is still in good working order. The color has not even faded. It is very easy to move around and store. Your support was very good. It holds the temp of the water very well in winter, which saves me money and shortens the time it takes to bring to full heat. All in all it has been one of the best investments I have ever made for my home. Dallas M.

Just can’t believe how much we are enjoying the new swim spa cover. I can uncover it and put it back on with one hand! Great job! Hope to get you a video for your website. We are very happy. Carol H.
Rockport TX

Awesome product. Fits perfectly Michael M. 
Worthington OH

This cover fits well, looks great on the spa. It makes getting in and out of the hot tub so much easier. Mike R. 
Chandler AZ

Looks beautiful and fits perfectly! Harvey S. 
Bellingham WA

Our first SpaCap has lasted years longer than any foam cover. When this one finally gives out we will definitely be buying another SpaCap. We love this product and would recommend it to anyone! John P. 
Arden NC

The SpaCap is an amazing product. I called them because my cover was not holding air. After talking with them they sent me out new valves which once I glued them in place, worked perfectly. My cover is over fifteen years old with almost no signs of wear. I would have gone through at least four Styrofoam replacement covers in that time. I will be recommending this to everyone I know. John S. 
Copaigue, NY

We live in a really windy area. Our old foam cover was always blowing away. No problem with the SpaCap. It is easy to use, light weight and easy to use. I will be spreading the word. Scott C. 
Fayston, VT

Received the new SpaCap Hot Tub Cover, and am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of your product. C.F. 
Richland, MO

My new spa cap hot tub cover looks great. We love the color and it fits well over the spa. We are very pleased with our order. Mary B. 
Houston, TX

We ordered our SpaCap ten years ago. We sent it in for repair. It looks great once more. Great repair job. It looks like new again and I’m sure we will use it for another 10 years. Rick O. 
Anchorage, AK

This is our second SpaCap. Our first one lasted for years and we loved how easy it was to use. But we bought a bigger hot tub. The dealer wanted to give us a cover for free with the new spa and we told him to keep it. We won’t use anything but a SpaCap. Anne A.
Mount Pleasant, TX

Since the bottom of the SpaCap rests right on the water surface, it starts insulating the water instead of trying to insulate from several inches above the water. This also cuts down on evaporation/condensation that will always be going on under a foam cover so your spa chemistry stays more stable.

For the past thirty years we have sold SpaCap Hot Tub Covers all over the world from The Colorado Rockies, to the French Alps. When snow fall is making the news and traditional spa covers are cracking under the weight, SpaCap Hot Tub Covers are just fine.

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