SpaCap Hot Tub and Swim Spa Covers

Hot Tub Covers

For hot tubs up to 96” x 96” our prices start at $645.00 plus options and shipping. The outer fabric is Marine Grade Sunbrella in any of the more than 100 colors it is offered in. The reason we use Sunbrella is that it is rated by YEARS outdoors rather than HOURS like vinyl.

It comes with two air chambers with extra chambers as an option. For more about options, see below.

We custom build every spa cover so we can fit your hot tub.

The Premium SpaCap

The SpaCap Premium gives you your choice of over 100 Marine Grade Sunbrella colors. They are adding new ones every year. So if you really want to match your patio furniture, or blend with the house colors, now’s your chance. Same great fabric – more choices. It’s only $595 plus options and shipping when you’re ordering for a spa up to 96” square or less.

SpaCap Swim Spa Covers keep you from getting the blues
SpaCap Swim Spa Covers last for years

Contrasting skirt

If your spa is free standing in a cabinet like most spas, we build the cover to fasten into the vertical sides of the spa. Your new cover will have a skirt on it that Starts at the bottom of the acrylic and comes down 4” below that so you’ll be able to place the fasteners on the cabinet. Over the years, we have had customers ask if we can do a second color on the skirt. The answer is yes. It adds $50 to the price of a Premium SpaCap of 96” square or less.

Longer Skirt

For free-standing spas, where the cover will come over the vertical sides, again, the 4” skirt will start at the bottom of the acrylic and come down below that onto the cabinet. Even so, if you want a longer skirt, yes, we can do that too.

You can choose between 6”, 8”, 10” or 12” skirt for your hot tub cover. It should be noted that a long skirt may add a degree of difficulty to removing the cover. A longer skirt adds $100 to the Premium spa cover 96” square or less.

Swim Spa Covers With longer skirt
SpaCap Swim Spa Covers diagram

Extra Chambers

Want even better insulation? Adding an extra air chamber is equivalent to adding another storm window. Without adding to the size of the cover, it breaks up the air into another layer. More layers, like adding a sweater or jacket, creates another buffer between the temperature of the spa water and the weather outside. You can add one, two or three extra chambers for a total of five. The extra chambers usually pay for themselves quickly in energy savings. It doesn’t make the cover any bigger or harder to handle.

Each extra chamber adds $50 to a cover 96” square or less.

Swim Spa Covers

Because swim spas come in various sizes, the pricing for swim spa covers varies greatly. But we can give a guide for starting prices based on the size of your swim spa. Yes, we can do larger and wider, this is just a guide. Prices listed below are all for swim spas 96” wide or less.

Swim Spa Cover in Sunbrella on a swim spa
Swim Spa Covers That last YEARS longer than foam filled Swim Spa Covers

Pricing Guide For Larger Spas

For spas 96 inches square or less, the pricing starts at $645 plus options and shipping. Options would be different colors, contrasting colors on the skirt, Extra air chambers, Reflectix.
Larger spas are priced according to size, so if your spa is longer than 96 inches, it’s best to call for an accurate price.
Yes, we can do spas wider and longer. This is just a guide. Please Contact Us for more information.