A Word About Our Products

We were in the process of updating our website when recent events put all that on hold.

We never stopped building covers however supplies and availability of materials changed. For instance, we used to offer a low-end cover in spa vinyl instead of Sunbrella.

Since spa vinyls come from China we no longer offer that model. Our local supplier, based in Seattle, has shut their doors permanently. So we get the same materials but from different states. The materials cost more and take a little longer to get.

Custom Spa Covers

We will build custom SwimSpa Covers for every type of spa. Our spa covers are unique in that they don’t use rigid foam but instead use air chambers.

Sunbrella Fabric

We are also the only spa cover that uses Sunbrella marine grade fabric. Where other spa covers utilize vinyl from China rated by hours outdoors, Sunbrella is Made in the USA and rated by years outdoors.

Built to Last

SpaCap Swim Spa Covers tend to last ten to twelve years, still lightweight and easy to use. That’s about five times longer than most foams filled spa covers.

SpaCap Swim Spa Covers in cutaway

Truly Custom

We build covers for all types of climates. It doesn’t matter if your spa is high in the mountains at your ski resort, or in sunny Florida, we can design what you need in colors to accent your decor.

Yes It Can Handle Your Weather…

We have been building Spa Covers for more than 35 years so when we say this cover has gone through whatever the weather throws at it, we mean it. SpaCap covers have gone through record snowfalls, Hurricanes, Tornados, and epic hail storms. Not one, repeat, NOT EVEN ONE has ever been blown away or failed.

SpaCap Swim Spa Covers are Custom made for your Swim Spa
SpaCap Swim Spa Covers getting boxed up to ship out

Let Us Build One for You

Construction typically runs between 3-5 weeks plus shipping time. So contact us today and let us get one started for you.