The Truth About End2End SwimSpa Covers

End2End SwimSpa Covers -The Truth

We purchased our outdoor swimspa around June of 2019 and it came with the standard styrofoam inner, vinyl outside cover(s) for the tub.  The spa is a 14 x 8 tub so it came with two (each covering one half) of the standard foam/vinyl covers in order to cover the entire top.

These covers or tops are, at very best, heavy and cumbersome, and based on what I’ve read and who I’ve talked to, I don’t believe that these covers are very efficient in maintaining the spa’s temperature or chemical integrity.  Additionally, I have to mention how incredibly difficult these tops are to get off of the tub (not to mention how difficult they are to put back on as well).

Additionally, because of their sheer size, once removed there really isn’t anywhere to store them without being kind of an eyesore laying near the spa somewhere or actually laying against the side of the spa until your done using it.  To “upgrade”, we purchased mechanical metal “cover lifters” for our covers but this product wasn’t very effective in lifting the covers and was also undesirable due to how the covers are positioned at each end of the spa (it blocked our views to both the grilling and garden areas).  (quick side note:  the metal started to rust and looked extremely unsightly just weeks after installed as well).

In any case, looking for a solution to our problems we purchased a relatively new to the market swimspa “roll” cover.  This type of cover not only looked great, but appeared very easy to remove and replace back on the spa.  The one we chose (END2END) was disturbingly expensive but after our experience(s) with the clumsy foam-filled vinyl tops, we took the chance that this new roll top would solve all of our problems.

Of course, it did not.

The first thing we noticed (living in the sunny state of Florida) with this new roll top was that the beautiful grey color of the top quickly began to fade.  Again, although we live in Florida and get lots of sunshine, we weren’t expecting the color of the top to fade anywhere near this fast.  We hadn’t had the top much longer when we began to notice that when it rained, this cover retained water.

The water would just pool on top of the cover (it appeared to collect between the outer fading fabric and the heavy synthetic underside) and would sit there for days or until we lifted the cover at an angle to let it run off.  As time went on the water somehow actually made its way into that synthetic underside (still can’t figure this out as I can’t find any openings in the synthetic underbelly) making it so heavy it was for the most part unmovable.

Another issue with this cover was its susceptibility to mold and in just six months or so we observed several noticeable spots, and not long after that also noticed a small tear at one end.  It’s just my wife and I (no kids) so it’s not like we manhandled or abused the cover in any way.

For us, this END2END SwimSpa cover has simply been a disaster.  Immorally expensive, worse than unsightly, extremely difficult to use and care for, but worst of all, just simply ineffective.  Who knows, maybe we just got a defective product, maybe not.  But based on our experience with this one, we certainly could not justify recommending this item to anyone.

At they have been in the spa cover business for nearly forty years. They have seen every spa cover design and heard how great this new fad was and the spa dealers always claim that this latest gadget, development or design change would make this “The Last Cover You’ll Need To Buy” but it’s just not true.

Unfortunately, as we talk to customers the experience shared above is just all to common. These roll up swimspa covers tend to only last a couple years at best. These swimspa covers started out being insanely expensive and the cost has almost doubled over the last year most likely due to being built in China.

Meanwhile, at, every swimspa cover is custom built here in the USA. Every SpaCap is covered in “top of the line” Marine Grade Sunbrella (rated by YEARS outdoors), not canvas or vinyl which is rated by HOURS outdoors. Do our swimspa covers last forever? No. But they do tend to last ten to twelve years if properly used.

Don’t let the swimspa cover be the reason you’re not using your swimspa. If you’re tired of the run around and want to get back to using your swimspa without hurting yourself or dreading the effort of removing and replacing the cover, visit and check it out for yourself.

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